Our Trainers

All of our fitness professionals are insured, CPR/AED certified, and current on their personal training certification.


Theresa Cordova: MSc, CPT EFS

Theresa has been a Certified Personal Trainer- Health Fitness Instructor since 2004 working with a variety of clients.

Specialization: exercise physiology, resistance training biomechanics, strength training, fitness assessments, injury prevention, cardiopulmonary function, performance enhancement, metabolic evaluations, youth fitness, and clients of special populations: i.e. orthopedic and cardiopulmonary limitations, hypertension, and metabolic disorders.


chester indiviglioChester Indiviglio: CPT EFS

Chester has had a passion for fitness for over 30 years. Recently joined the AAPTE community of certified personal trainers in 2017.

Specialization: 5th degree Black Belt American Combat Karate, Black Belt Brazilian Jujitsu, Certified ASP Police Defense



facebookprofileJonathan Sorto: CPT EFS





cropped-facebookprofile4.pngSean McCarthy: CPT EFS